Name: Aegle marmelos (Linn.)

  1. Common name: Bael
  2. Vernacular name:Bela
  3. Family: Rutaceae
  4. Habit:Deciduous tree
  5. Habitat: It occurs in dry, open forests on hills and plains at altitudes from 0–1,200 m (0–3,937 ft) with mean annual rainfall of 570–2,000 mm (22–79 in).
  6. Flower: End of May and continues till July
  7. Fruit:March to June.
  8. Parts used: Bark,fruits,leaves
  9. Distribution:Throughout the Indian Peninsula,WesternGhats,Sub-Himalayan Tract,North-Eastern region
  10. Uses: Fruits are edible and used for making juice. Its extracts cure inflammation.Leaf juice with honey can treat fever.Treat tuberculosis ,diabetes, diarrhoea,constipation