Name: Acacia catechu (L.F)

  1. Common name: Khatta
  2. Vernacular name: Khaira
  3. Family: Fabaceae
  4. Habit: Small tree
  5. Habitat: Subtropical or tropical open woodlands and shrubby grasslands. Usually occurs on shallow to medium depth sandy loams.
  6. Flower and fruits from March to September
  7. Parts used: Bark,Gum
  8. Distribution: It is widely distributed between 900-1200 m from Jammu to Assam. Variety catechu is found in Sikkim, Tarai, West Begal, Assam, Shiwalik hills of H.P. and Punjab and Haryana. Variety sundra is found in Indian Peninsular region.
  9. Uses: Food additives, Astringent, skin respiratory problems, tannins and dye